JPM Carpentry | Built in cupboard under the stairs Staunton, Gloucestershire.
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Built in cupboard under the stairs Staunton, Gloucestershire.

Built in cupboard under the stairs Staunton, Gloucestershire.

In this project a customer of mine had asked me to build them a cupboard similar to ones they have seen on my website.

Originally they wanted the cupboard building off of the walls and have a work top on it. I had a thought that there was potentially dead space under the stairs and suggested building the cupboard into the stairs. this would maximise the space and utilise an extra part of their home they never new they had.

I cut the plasterboard out exposing what was behind. I then framed out the inside of the void and lined it with MDF ready for painting. On the outside of the cupboard I made a red wood face frame to hang the doors off. Looking inside the cupboard I have fitted a shelf that only goes half the depth of the cupboard so that things don’t get pushed to the back and become out of reach. something that can’t be seen from the pictures is a hanging rail set back in the cupboard for hanging coats. The doors are made from 25mm MDF and framed around the edges with redwood to allow an excellent painted finish. I’ve used the same antique brass hinges and handles that I usually use to finish it off.

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