JPM Carpentry | Bespoke built in cabinet in Longlevens, Gloucester.
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Bespoke built in cabinet in Longlevens, Gloucester.

Bespoke built in cabinet in Longlevens, Gloucester.

In this job we have made a bespoke built in cabinet along with shelving, it was completed in Longlevens in Gloucester. My customer was unsure as to what exactly he wanted so asked for some advice on what would look nice in his living room. This was a thoroughly enjoyable job to do and even more enjoyable to see how happy my customer was when he saw the finished piece. The frame work for the cupboard is made of 50x75mm joinery grade red wood timber jointed together to allow a neat and clean finish. For the doors of the cupboard we used 25mm MDF but face the edges of the doors with red wood. The reason we face the edges of the MDF with red wood is for a few reason; 1 because it will give it a better cleaner finish once it is painted, and 2 the edges and corner of MDF are prone to flaking and chipping if they get knocked, using timber to edge the MDF will stop this and meaning that the doors will last much longer with a high finish especially with young children in the house! with the shelving we did the same as the doors and faced the edges with the red wood for the same reasons as the doors.

Along side adding an attractive feature to the room, the main purpose of the cupboard is to have the sky box, DVD player and Xbox in. The cabling for the TV was brought through the chimney breast and out into the cabinet. (Electrics were carried out by AW Electrics).

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